June 6, 2011

Editors' day out

Don't think for a moment librarians lead dull lives, least of all those at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles. Besides assisting the occassional Hollywood actor research a role, Mr. Meier built them a private courtyard repleat with Bertoia chairs and a fig tree. It's positively idyllic. We got a peek behind the scenes the other day and were delighted to discover the photo study collection.

All those green storage boxes above? They're the old curatorial study files, and are filled with photographs and other photocopied materials. There are banks and banks of them... an overwhelming reminder of how much life has changed since we all went digital. (Note: the GRI's actually in the process of moving a bunch of materials off-site as they've outgrown their space since opening nearly 14 years ago.) The shelves above are the decorative arts files... rococo designs, ancient vases, metalwork drawings, Portuguese furniture... you name it. It's an organizer's dream. They may be old fashioned, but they're a trove of design inspriration. Even the hand-written labels are pretty. If you're lucky enough to hold a GRI reader card, pay them a visit.

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