July 14, 2011

The importance of whimsy

We've become fast fans of wallpapers from Baltimore-based designer Carey Jacobs.

After years with her family's business, York Wallcoverings, Carey turned her attention to interiors, as a whole, and founded Carey Lind Design in 2007. But she's still a champion of the remarkable power of paper to lift a room's spirit. Having grown up with a century of inspiration right at her fingertips (York's the oldest wallpaper firm in the United States -- it's been going since 1895) she's clearly got no shortage of ideas. The papers below have historical references, but are entirely modern. And entirely cheering.
“Paisleys can overwhelm if one is wary of wallpaper, but this two-color paisley is really easy to live with, despite its large scale.”
    – Carey Jacobs, interior designer

Paisley Swirl in White on Blue (AP7476) from Silhouettes by Ashford House, out August 26, 2011, $49.99 per single roll. Also available in Beige on Cream (AP7472); White on Gray (AP7473); White on Pink (AP7474); White on Yellow (AP7475); and Gold on Teal.
“Vibrant mustard yellow paint may easily overpower a room, but wallpaper this color with a toss of metallic gingko leaves is neither overly busy, nor a color combo you’ll tire of. Statement wallpaper like this serves as wall art: no one will notice that you haven’t gotten around to finding the perfect piece above the sofa.”
Leone in Metallic Silver on Mustard (GM1256) from Contempo by Antonina Vella Designs, $73 per single roll.
Also available in White on Taupe (GM1257); White on Fuchsia (GM1258); White on Green (GM1259), Teal on Indigo (GM1260); Sage on Silver& Gray (GM1261); and White on Charcoal (GM1262).
“Picture this project: the wife wants wallpaper in the bedroom; the husband is against it. She falls for this floral for an adjacent vestibule and indeed, this paper picks up the bedroom’s serene colors. Since he was not consulted I held my breath for his reaction, which was ‘This paper makes the room feel like home.’ Used judiciously, men have no issue with florals.”
Teahouse Parthenon in Blue (AR7425) from Archives II by Ronald Redding Designs, $85.99 per single roll.
Also available in Khaki (AR7424); White (AR7426); and Yellow (AR7427).
For more information on the papers, visit York Wallcoverings or phone 800-375-9675.

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